We are going live in MAINNET on Thursday January 30th 2020. Stay tuned for further details...


From the month of September 2019 to January 2020, we will operate our public TESTNET through various phases. It will be the first time the software is tested on a high public load, and thus we expect problems and bugs to happen. We will launch in progressive phases which will increment in length of time as we become more confident.

The schedule posted below is tentative and subject to change depending on our experience as we are live. Updates will be posted here regularly.

Phase Start Date End Date Notice
Trial run I September 4 - 18:00 EST September 5 - 18:00 EST First try, will probably crash
Trial run II September 6 - 19:00 EST September 7 - 19:00 EST Second try, will still probably catch on fire
Trial run III September 19 - 19:00 EST September 20 - 19:00 EST Should start to get better
Trial run IV October 15 - 19:00 EST October 17 - 19:00 EST Tentative launch of the mobile components TESTNET.
Trial run V November 14 - 19:00 EST November 17 - 19:00 EST Launch of the mobile mining components TESTNET.
Phase I *November - 19:00 EST *November - 19:00 EST
Phase II *November - 19:00 EST *November - 19:00 EST
Phase III To be announced - -
*tentative dates