Yes it is! you can find us on GitHub here: Neuralium source code
Good question! We only use post quantum cryptographic algorithms. This means that even if quantum computers gain the ability to crack traditional crypto, we will be safe for a long time to come. We mostly use XMSS, XMSS^MT, qTESLA, McEliece, NTRU, XCHACHA40 and AES256.
We use XMSS and XMSS^MT to sign transactions. It is an awesome hash-based signature cryptographic scheme that allows signing multiple transactions with a single key (by the way, we would like to take the opportunity to thanks its creator for inventing it!).
The maximum transaction count is a very tricky metric and we don't like to use it too much, because speed depends on so many factors that it is completely misleading. In any way, if you must know, we clocked our systems on our machines at 2000 transactions per second. But this is misleading because in the future we will launch transaction registration microservices that will make this limit completely obsolete and enable an infinite amount of transactions per second!
It truly is! It works differently than traditional POW mining, so it does not need to perform costly mathematical verifications to know who is mining a block. If you want more information about technical details, please take a look at our whitepaper here: WhitePaper.
The Neuralia blockchain is programmed in C# and runs on the awesome Dotnet core 2.2 runtime. They are already in the works of moving to Dotnet core 3.0 and we will migrate to it once it becomes available.
Absolutely not. The Neuralium token has absolutely no monetary value. It is not a security and not a currency. It is a toy that we offer so people can play and experiment with. It is possible to offer Neuralium tokens to other people, and receive some and that’s it. In the future, we will establish partnerships where it will be possible to exchange Neuralium tokens for services.
Sorry, as far as we are concerned, the Neuralium has no value at all, so it would be impossible for us to sell something that has no value. The only way to get Neuraliums is either to mine (try it, it's really cool), or to get somebody else to send you some.
Because the Neuralium has no value, then it can’t be sold. If it can’t be sold, then there is no way we could ever ask money for it. That and the desire to be fair to everyone are the reasons why we are not doing any premine and ICO and we will never be able to do an STO on the Neuralium. Now and forever, the only way to get Neuraliums is through mining or receiving some from somebody else.
Well, it sure makes things much more difficult! Finding money is much harder as we have to go through the usual routes of finding good quality partners, vetting them, being vetted ourselves and then get a bit more operating funds. It's very hard. But we are doing this because we want to be truly honest and make the Neuralium a serious institution. We are very serious about it and we are willing to take the hard route to get there.
We want it to become an institution, the reference in matters of quality and trust. We will work hard to be certain that it is the safest token out there and that its ecosystem is safe and great for the users.
Absolutely! The launch of the Neuralium is just the beginning. Once we reach reasonable stability, then we will begin to expand it's ecosystem. We will add new features and new products that we believe will make it rock!
Sure, for example, we already have plans to create a green mining SDK where video games or app makers will be able to embed the SDK into their app and mine without ever affecting the user. This means that we are inventing an entirely new way to monetize apps and games, it is exciting! this is just an example, we have so many ideas, we need more people! ;)
Absolutely not. The account on the blockchain is just a mathematical number that identifies your keys cryptographically. There is no way to know who you are in real life and what you do. When using the Neuralium, you are entirely anonymous!
Absolutely not. Our business model is not based on tracking anyone, and we are very serious about user privacy. We keep nothing about anyone, you deserve your privacy.
Well, for now, we just want to launch the Neuralium and solidify our reputation as a trustworthy player in the field, so we have none at the very moment. Once the Neuralium is a bit more stable, then we will move on to develop other products and services which will populate the Neuralium firmament. On these products, we will gather various service fees in Neuralium to fund our further development.
The Neuralium is built on the amazing blockchain platform that is developed and maintained by Neuralia Technologies Inc. (our mother company). We license the blockchain and they take care of developing the core, and we extend it to create a kick-ass crypto token. You can read about it here: Neuralia Blockchain